VersaTerm VL Series

VersaTerm VL SeriesHardware Specification

  • Available in 11-line high resolution CCFL display
  • Optional integrated Battery, Magnetic Stripe, Customer Display
  • 121 key keypad x 2 levels
  • 3 serial ports
  • Robust, spill resistant, full metal housing
  • Easy to use, fast operation and built-in redundancy for standalone operation
  • Supports scanners, scales, loyalty and cashier RF readers and shared printers
  • Operates as part of an integrated LAN / WAN system over QuestNet, RF, TCP/IP or Internet
  • Ideal for Concessions, Retail, Restaurants, and Bars

Software Feature List

  • Up to 19,000 PLU's
  • 16 character PLU descriptions
  • 20 shift modifiers, Fractional PLU's
  • 60+ different key functions
  • 4 active, open & zero price levels, with automatic member pricing & up to 20 discount type price levels
  • Scheduled automatic price level changes
  • Option to enforce price level at transaction finalisation
  • PLU notes / recipe request from till
  • 121 x 2 levels per key, spill proof keypad
  • Keypad change request from till or back office
  • 7 clerk type levels, passwords & RF clerk log on restricting clerk access based on clerk type
  • Password protection on any key type
  • Up to 999 "pay as you go" or full service floating tables
  • Floating accounts, approved from till or back office
  • Loyalty bonus system, approved from till or back office
  • Multiple sales hold/recall
  • Refund item or sale
  • Automatic combo / meal deal & upsize recognition
  • Multi-linked categories. Multi-linked keys (macros)
  • Condiment tables & cooking instructions
  • Shared printers local or remote, printing anytime
  • Receipt on request or automatic at end of sale
  • Category printing for kitchens & bars
  • Up to 4 taxes USA/VAT/GST
  • Foreign currency, exchange rates & split tender
  • Definable headers & trailers
  • User defined customer message & display prompts
  • Stock movements entered at the till
  • Many till reports, incl staff hours & cost percentage

Hardware Dimensions

Base Dimensions: Depth 10" (26cm) Width 13" (33cm)
Volume Dimensions:
Depth 13" (33cm)
(including display) Width 13" (33cm)
Height 4.7" (12cm)
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General Description

Quest tills support an unprecedented level of system redundancy, allowing sales to be generated and a full electronic journal stored even if the network communication or back office is down throughout the entire trade, or even if the building’s main power fails.

Quest tills are ROM based and can be upgraded with new features and software at any time directly from the back office. ROM based systems have significant advantages over commercial operating systems and microprocessors which typically are superseded regularly resulting in a never ending cycle of hardware update leads to software updates leads to hardware update.

Additionally with Quest tills there is never any need for concern with Viruses or Virus protection software. For example, in the time that Quest have been producing VersaTerm, we have been through: Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11,Windows NT, Windows ’95, Windows ’98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and from an Intel 386 at 33Mhz to an Intel Pentium IV at 3GHz.

The VL VersaTerm series of Tills were designed by Quest specifically for the hospitality market. The VL unit boasts full metal housing with a practical A4 paper insert. Without a doubt, the most robust terminal available on the market. All the models offered have optional battery, magnetic swipe readers for credit card, loyalty usage, plus any other facilities that may be required of a card, e.g. Clerk Log On, Member Systems, VIP Cards, in-house Debit / Credit accounts, Coupons and Discounts. All can have battery back up that allows the VersaTerm to operate fully for 2 – 8 hours (depending on configuration) without any mains power.

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