SwiftPOS Kitchen Video System


Kitchen Video Software

  • Increase staff productivity in the kitchen with Production Statistics
  • Never lose another kitchen order docket again
  • Expand with multiple displays that reflect the same information for larger venues
  • Maintenance free operation, with no paper costs or printer jams
  • Provides powerful management reports on staff productivity
  • Bump kitchen orders via a touch screens or Bump Box depending on your environment
  • Bump individual items or complete order
  • Long orders overflow over multiple windows
  • Option to display Product Notes from the Back Office on any item. Used for preparation instructions.
  • Expedite orders to the top of the list

Kitchen Video Controller Hardware

  • Easy to install, plug in your VGA monitor and bump box and adjust your software setting to suit your environment and you are up and running.
  • Compatible with USB/VGA adapters for multiple Kitchen Video displays from the same controller.

Kitchen Video Bump Box hardware

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • 8 x Bump Buttons to perform all Kitchen Video functions.
  • 1 x RS232 Port (powered via the Host PC)
  • Can be wall mounted or bench top mounted.

Kitchen Video Controller

The Kitchen Video Controller is compact and comes with a VESA mounting plate for wall mounting or rear mounting on the Kitchen Monitor if required. Ideal for tight placement in kitchen environments to be out of the way. Low cost Kitchen Video solution can operate as second display on existing POS Terminal for smaller venues where the food preparation is less than 25m from the POS Terminal.

Easy to install and manage

  • Based on Microsoft SQL Server for robust operation
  • Monitor mode for back office Management so they can view the full restaurant picture in real time
  • Display short product descriptions on the Kitchen Video
  • Option to force Print Groups to be “Called Away” for Entrees and Mains etc.
  • Time Warning on Orders to create flashing headers for overdue orders
  • Sounds for; Time Warning/New Orders/Change Oder


  • Display up to 10 Columns and 3 rows for a total of 30 orders on screen if you Kitchen Video Screen is large enough.
  • Expand up to 32 Kitchen Video Monitors
  • Display Summary Panel – all orders can be summarised in the first panel. The Display Summary panel consolidates identical main items to allow the chef to pre-prepare to total number of meals for all orders displayed and pending.
  • This excludes cooking instructions.

Kitchen Video Operation

  • Bump orders with one keystroke
  • Software updates can be managed remotely as an automatic update over the Internet. Software updates are available to take advantage of new features and maintenance releases.

Kitchen Video Reporting

  • Reporting is available from the Kitchen Video to manage productivity and customer service
  • Production Statistics is one of the major benefits of installing the Kitchen Video software over a normal Kitchen
  • Printer operation.
  • Total Order Count – total number of orders cleared from the display since the last reset.
  • Average Processing Time – the average time taken for orders to be cleared from the display

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